NEWS: WorldViz set to launch VR communication tool Vizible

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Software pitched as virtual sales tool, but also supports collaboration and design review for distributed teams

“Project Skofield”, the VR communication technology that was first previewed by WorldViz in 2016, has now been branded Vizible and is due to launch in October 2017.

Interestingly, the technology is primarily being targeted at sales professionals, rather than designers and engineers – the pitch being that it offers an immersive way of communicating complex ideas to prospects and clients. However, it can also be used for remote collaboration, design review with distributed teams, and product training.

According to WorldViz, the software operates much like a GoToMeeting for VR and takes advantage of VR’s ability to make someone feel “present” in a virtual location, reducing the need for teams to travel.

WorldViz is targeting the aerospace, automotive, construction, engineering and architecture sectors. The software will be available in October for a starting subscription price of $250 per month per user.

According to the developers, little to no technical expertise is needed to create and experience VR content using Vizible. The software features a Presentation Designer that allows sales professionals to put together VR presentations by dragging and dropping elements into the WYSIWYG editor.

The Presentation Designer also allows the presenter to add animations, triggers and user interaction. In addition to 3D content, traditional 2D content such as PDF training manuals or PowerPoint slides can be inserted to support the overall meeting.


Once a presentation is created, the presenter can then invite participants to join a session immediately or at a later date via email or text. Attendees from around the world can then view, experience, and interact with the VR presentation simultaneously with other invited users.

The software also includes presentation and annotation tools. Presenters can hand over virtual objects, teleport participants through full-scale models, and build 3D sketches on the fly for hashing out new ideas.

Vizible also provides telephony for voice communication and built-in analytics that allow organizers to record voice and user behaviours for later reference.

Initially, Vizible will support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets and controllers, as well as the current 3D displays, CAVE projection systems, and input devices that WorldViz offers. Other headsets, trackers and input devices will be added over time, depending on demand.

WorldViz is currently expanding its beta testing program. Companies interested in becoming a beta tester can sign up here.

Vizible – VR for Sales Professionals from WorldViz on Vimeo.

Vizible Presentation Designer GUI
Avatars in Virtual Server Room
Vizible Mixed Reality 2

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