NEWS: 3D Repo adds Virtual Reality functionality to BIM platform

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London firm uses VR to extend reach of cloud-based collaboration tool to training, safety and project consultation

3D Repo has launched a new version of its cloud-based BIM software that offers integrated Virtual Reality (VR) functionality using existing 3D models and project data. 3D Repo already uses cloud technology for wider access, easier collaboration and open source application development. With the addition of the VR capability, users can now deploy VR simulations for applications such as training, safety and project consultation.

The 3D Repo VR development differs from many AEC-focused VR applications, which utilise standard game engines fixed content so any edits require a complete reprocess of the entire simulation. With the 3D Repo solution, the web-enabled approach allows users to access all their projects remotely on the fly and without the need to create custom executables each time. 3D Repo also utilises existing site-specific 3D models and BIM data, so that custom scenarios can be created and uploaded as and when needed.

“In this version, we have made it even easier for users to import, use, share and visualise the very latest project information from any location on any internet enabled device,” commented Dr Jozef Dobos, CEO of 3D Repo. “The integrated VR functionality is just the first of many planned upgrades that will allow users to easily view existing projects, via the cloud, on any platform.”

3D Repo’s VR functionality is built on top of Unity.

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