NEWS: Faro launches new ultra portable laser scanner

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With a 30m scanning range, the FARO Focus3D x 30 is ideal for interiors, small architectural façades and complex structures

With a scanning range of up to 30 meters, the latest scanner from FARO, the Focus3D X 30, is aimed at a variety of short-range scanning applications such as as-built documentation, building information modelling (BIM), and engineering.

The ultra-portable Focus3D X 30 looks to offer fast, straightforward and accurate measurements, giving customers a choice between the short-range Focus3D X 30 (30 meters), the mid-range Focus3D X 130 (130 meters) or the long-range Focus3D X 330 (330 meters) laser scanner.

“Usability and high return on investment are at the core of FARO’s Focus3D X 30 product,” noted Joe Arezone, senior VP and MD of FARO Europe and Asia Pacific.

“With its feature set and price point tailored to short-range scanning projects, it is a powerful and effective tool for customers working in challenging economic environments.”

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