NEWS: Gensler and Trimble collaborate on mixed-reality tech

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Partnership will explore new design and collaboration processes using Microsoft HoloLens

Trimble is collaborating with global architecture and design firm Gensler to explore the intersection of human interfaces, architecture and computing using mixed-reality technology, including Microsoft HoloLens.

With mixed reality, the primary mode of interaction is spatial. Design teams can review and interact with 3D models in the context of their physical environment and explore previously invisible aspects of a building’s performance.

Trimble says the technology improves communication by providing a natural, yet innovative way to interact with complex data and enables 3D-based remote collaboration between project stakeholders. It can help improve team communication, data interpretation and collaboration during the design development and pre-construction stages of projects.

“The potential impact of mixed reality on the practice of architecture and urban design is an exciting opportunity, influencing almost every aspect of the design process as well as the end user experience,” said Alan Robles, associate, experience designer at Gensler. “In the realm of architecture and design, mixed reality represents the next evolution of the ability to create, evolve and communicate the design product.”

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