AR with 3D printing

Fixie and AMRC to align AR with 3D printing

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Firms secure £500,000 from Innovate UK to aid development of new immersive presentation technology

London-based Fixie and the University of Sheffield Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) have secured half a million pounds from Innovate UK to help architects author their own immersive presentations.

Fixie will work collaboratively with the AMRC to explore the emerging field of WebXR, and also focus on the interaction between physical 3D printed model production and the creation of overlaid augmented reality presentations.

Many architects currently outsource this work but, by utilising the same originating data for the two formats, and putting ownership of the process into the hands of architects, Fixie believes the project will facilitate wider adoption and offer real benefit to the industry.

“We started Fixie to give more architects the opportunity to practically benefit from emerging, innovative 3D technologies like 3D printing and augmented reality. Our aim is to continue to develop our platform so that architects don’t need any prior knowledge to author comprehensive and engaging interactive presentations that utilise both digital and physical assets,” said Ronan O’Boyle, one of the founders of Fixie.

Immersive presentations will be authored and delivered through Fixie’s existing online platform that currently allows architects to easily create physical models from their digital 3D designs. Users simply export a model from their CAD/BIM tool, specify project details (scale, material, add-ons, deadline) and ‘instantly’ see project costs and feasibility.

Fixie is actively looking for AEC firms to help shape the future of its new immersive technology.

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