NEWS: Graebert’s software targets Android user expansion

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Graebert has announced further plans to go after the Android OS user market

Graebert has announced further plans to go after the Android OS user market Graebert has launched its updated version of 2D/3D DWG drawing tool Ares Commander, yet the wider picture shows its plans to enable widespread adoption of its CAD tools within the Android OS.

Having also released Ares Touch 2015 Beta, the first DWG-based CAD solution for Google Android, Graebert has announced that each user of Ares Commander 2015 will also receive Touch for one year.

In addition, for each perpetual license of Commander 2015, Graebert will offer a €/$399 Amazon Gift card to purchase a premium Android tablet on which to run the mobile software.

2D/3D DWG drawing tool Ares Commander 2015 has a new improved UI

The hardware offer is only valid until 23 December 2014 from Graebert’s online store and participating resellers, but it shows the drive of the company to target this expansive market.

Ares Commander 2015 and Touch enable Graebert’s “cross-device CAD experience”, first introduced at the Graebert 2014 annual meeting.

With its LicenseToGo feature, the same user can work for a defined period of time on other computers at the office, at home or on the go. The LicenseToGo feature allows users to seamlessly work with different computers on Windows, Mac, Linux while ARES Touch extends the workflow to Android – an industry first. A video outlining the benefits of this may be watched at


“Through a combination of hard work and an acclaimed product line, Graebert has established itself as the second-largest and fastest-growing CAD community with millions of professionals using our solutions,” said Wilfried Graebert, founder and CEO of Graebert, before rolling up his sleeves for some fighting talk.

“We provide unique features and unrivaled flexibility, while our historical competitor is pushing its customers into a subscription-only business model. More than a cost-effective alternative, Graebert has established Ares as a reference for innovation in the CAD market.”

The new release of Ares Commander is set to include a full set of features to create and modify 2D or 3D drawings directly in DWG, while a new ‘ribbon’ user interface will grace Windows versions.

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