NEWS: IMAGINiT releases Scan to BIM 2016

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Latest release of point cloud software compatible with Autodesk Revit 2016

IMAGINiT Technologies has released Scan to BIM 2016, a new release of its point cloud software for Autodesk Revit that is compatible with Revit 2016.

“Reality capture continues to be a focus for many architectural, engineering and construction organizations and Scan to BIM plays an integral role in simplifying the creation of a model from scanned point clouds,” says Tim Johnson, senior vice president,IMAGINiT Technologies. “Updating Scan to BIM to be compatible with Revit 2016 aids those focused on creating and validating their models in the latest software.”

Scan to BIM enables users to create and validate a model from a point cloud. Features include automated recognition and placement of architectural elements such as walls and columns, as well as MEP elements such as pipes, ducts, conduits and more. The software, which is compatible with Revit 2014, 2015 and 2016, is available as a free 21 day trial and for rental for 3-month or 12-month increments.

IMAGINiT has also introduced two new Utilities for Revit: Dependent View Copy and Adjust Pipe.

Dependent View Copy automates the creation of dependent views, such as different levels or floors in a building. Using the first floor as a basis, users can generate additional floors of multi-storey buildings. According to IMAGINiT, this can save many hours of tedious, repetitive work.

Adjust Pipe solves the problem of joining segments of piping when they are out of alignment. A variety of options for adjusting pipes within Revit ensures they fit together easily, says IMAGINiT.


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