HP Z4 Rack G5

HP Z4 Rack G5 remote workstation launches

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1U rack workstation designed specifically to maximise density in server rooms and datacentres

HP has introduced the HP Z4 Rack G5, a 1U rack workstation designed specifically for server rooms and datacentres for providing 1:1 remote access for workstation users.

The HP Z4 Rack G5 shares many of the same characteristics as the HP Z4 G5 desktop workstation – up to 24 cores with the Intel Xeon W-2400 CPU and up to the Nvidia RTX 6000 Ada Generation GPU – but maxes out at 256 GB of DDR5 memory instead of 512 GB. It supports one dual slot GPU, including the new Nvidia RTX 5000 Ada or RTX 4500 Ada, or two single slot GPUs, including the new Nvidia RTX 4000 Ada.

With a 1U chassis, the HP Z4 Rack G5 earns is datacentre credentials by being significantly slimmer than its 4U desktop counterpart, delivering four times better density in a standard rack.

It has dual power supplies, where two 675W PSUs can be combined together, or one can be used for redundancy in the event of a failure. In redundancy mode, however, the CPU / GPU options will be limited.

The HP Z4 Rack G5 can be configured with the HP Anyware Remote System Controller, a remote out-of-band management solution designed to give IT managers the ability to monitor and manage workstation fleets through a single interface.

IT managers can remote in, power workstations on and off remotely, perform bare metal imaging (with multiple Operating Systems) manage inventory, and get hardware alerts and diagnostics info.

The workstation can also be used with HP Anyware (formerly Teradici CAS) remote access and collaboration software so teams can access the power of the Z4 Rack from any device.