NEWS: MX3D gives update on robot printed canal bridge

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Startup releases video that shows design updates and 3D printing progress

Amsterdam-based startup MX3D has given an update on its 3D printed steel bridge project, releasing a new video that shows the latest developments.

The pedestrian bridge is scheduled to be finalized early 2018 and to be installed on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal in the red light district of Amsterdam in late 2018.

The initial design for the10 metre bridge has changed significantly. As knowledge of the (safety) requirements, material properties and technical potential grew, a final model emerged in early 2017. This led to the final bridge design by Joris Laarman Lab.

In March 2017, the printing and assembly of large 1 metre bridge parts began. In parallel MX3D engineers have continued working on realising their vision of autonomous robots 3D-printing infrastructure. This summer, a robot has been placed on the bridge to test the company’s vision of robots printing live, onsite, without human intervention.

MX3D also announced to reopen the doors to its Expert Centre, which gives visitors the opportunity to see the printing process. A small entree fee will help support MX3D in finishing the bridge, which is a non-profit project.

Meanwhile, check out MX3D’s Tim Geurtjens’ talk from NXT BLD 2017


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