NEWS: Space Group releases BIM collaboration software

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Warboard becomes a commercial product after four years of internal use at BIM Technologies

Warboard is a new cloud-based software platform from Space Group that is designed to manage issues in a federated model and aid collaboration and communication across a project team.

The software was first developed in 2013 for internal use by Space Group’s Space Applied Technologies (SAT) department for use within BIM Technologies. At the time BIM Technologies was working on several high-profile and complex projects with clients that were early adopters of BIM.

There was a need to for effective data management on these projects so the bespoke Warboard platform was built to track issues and attributes in a model. In addition, Warboard allowed BIM Technologies to show the movement of data in real-time and enabling the progression towards what Space Group describes as a perfectly coordinated model.

The realisation followed that Warboard could be converted into a platform for wider use out of internal projects and the SAT team began to develop a new product for Space Group.

Over the past few years, Warboard has been re-built as a central project tool that enables the monitoring and management of design information. In addition to the original features it now includes a newly built interface, multiple project management capabilities and advanced expandable clash results for customised reporting.

Warboard has been designed to support the BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) and can be exported from Revit or other design software, plus has a native Navisworks plug-in, allowing ‘seamless’ one-click synchronisation.


“This is the beginning of a new wave of software development to aid digital construction,” says Rob Charlton, CEO of Space Group. “Warboard allows users to open and combine 3D models, navigate around them in real-time and review the model using a set of tools to manage issues and measure performance.

“We have been developing Warboard for the past four years and believe that its capabilities offer real benefits to enhance the understanding of BIM processes and the delivery of true Level 2 projects.”

Warboard has six levels of subscription. There is a free package which allows users to manage an unlimited amount of projects with up to 50 issues. Full details of the Warboard packages can be found here.

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