NEWS: Revizto gives away its core visual collaboration tools

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Users only pay for cloud-based collaboration and features such as issue tracker and camera sharing.

Revizto has made its visual collaboration software free, charging only for project sharing and using its collaboration features.
The company’s new licensing model means Revizto Editor, Revizto Viewer, and the exporter for all its supported AEC software products, can now be used at no cost. Revizto Editor can be used to convert BIM data to Revizto without any limits for the number of computers being used.
Users of Revizto will only pay when there is a need to share a project through the cloud with Revizto Workspace and use the Revizto Collaboration features (such as Issue tracker, Camera sharing).
Revizto has introduced new licensing bundles based on the number of users users would like to collaborate with.
The company says a typical “professional” price is three collaborators and three projects of unlimited size stored on the cloud for $450/year, while a typical “business” price is 100 collaborators and 100 stored projects at $10,000/year. Monthly plans are also available.
Revizto works with Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks, Trimble SketchUp, ArchiCAD and imports FBX and IFC files. The Revizto viewer is available for PC, Mac, iPad and Android tablets.
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