NEWS: New pricing and V-Ray support for CL3VER 3.0

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Interactive 3D presentations of architectural and engineering projects available on any device at $50 per month.

CL3VER has announced changes to its cloud based platform for interactive 3D presentations, including V-Ray materials support and new pricing from $50 per month.

The HTML5 and WebGL web-based solution lets users create, publish and share interactive 3D presentations on any web browser on PC, Mac and Mobile.

Once a presentation is ready the user can choose different ways to share it, from a private and secure environment to a public URL that can be published and shared on websites and social media.

CL3VER 3.0 supports V-Ray materials and is able to export from Autodesk 3ds Max ‘with a single click’.

“V-Ray is the leading rendering solution for Autodesk 3ds Max users and by working together with our clients… we understood the importance of V-Ray materials for them,” said Daniel Iborra, CTO at CL3VER.

“This is why we have worked to integrate them within our workflow and make them available into CL3VER via our one click export plugin for 3ds Max.”


The entry-level subscription allows users to access and edit content anytime and anywhere through the web based editor.

Viktor Nordstrom, CEO of CL3VER, said: “Interactivity and 3D are one of the most powerful communication resources. Until today the use of these has been restricted to a limited number of companies that have the time and resources required.

“Thanks to our innovative workflow and now a new starting price CL3VER has now opened it up to a much wider audience.”

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