NEWS: Newforma launches LeanPlanner Software in UK

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Production planning software designed to improve collaborative planning with partners and customers

Newforma LeanPlanner, the visual production planning software, has been launched in the UK. The software, already in use with engineering solutions provider Costain, is tailored for design and construction companies utilising collaborative planning methods of project delivery.

The software is powered by LeanKit and is designed to improve production schedule reliability for ‘more predictable’ project outcomes.

Newforma says that by using LeanPlanner project team members can identify near-term constraints and track progress of work from “to do” to “doing” to “done,” anytime, anywhere. The company claims that the software’s advanced analytics and reporting capabilities accelerate the collaborative planning journey and promote continuous improvement through deep understanding and insights, including plan percent complete (PPC) and at-risk milestones.

“With Newforma LeanPlanner, we have seen additional improvements in the way we deliver our strategies for Lean construction and Factory Thinking,” said Gavin Pearce, Production Control Manager, Costain Group plc. “With virtual collaborative task boards, we have improved the planning and issue resolution with our project teams and partners. Through improved visibility of tasks in defined work periods and shortening the interval of control, we have achieved greater efficiency in project delivery, with an audit trail that enables precise construction status and productivity reporting to our clients.”

“Applying collaborative planning principles to the design and construction industries has delivered both improvements to customer satisfaction and a boost to the overall bottom line. The current process of sticky notes on a wall has been a good first step in the past, but it quickly shows its many limitations,” said Paul Daynes, Regional Director UK & Northern Europe at Newforma. “The rapidly growing interest in collaborative planning methodologies indicates that visual planning tools like LeanPlanner will have just as large an impact on our industry as Building Information Modelling (BIM) is set to have.”

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