NEWS: Oasys releases MassMotion 9.0 for pedestrian simulation

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Agent dynamics reach ‘new levels of sophistication’ for applications way beyond evacuation planning

Oasys, the software house of Arup, has updated its pedestrian simulation and crowd analysis tool MassMotion. With Version 9.0 users have more control over agent behaviour, enabling them to test and validate a wider range of scenarios. It is also easier and faster to build 3D models.

MassMotion’s intelligent agents now respond dynamically to both personal agendas and user-defined external stimuli (triggers). The software can simulate how passengers queue, shop and navigate security when designing transit terminals. Groups of agents can also be assigned special privileges such as fast-track tickets or ‘levels of hunger’, making them more likely to visit food concessions.

To test for overcrowding, it is possible to simulate worst case scenarios including capacity trigger levels to activate set responses – such as turning off escalators, holding passengers in the concourse or prompting agents to wait inside waiting rooms until space becomes available.

According to Oasys the new release offers easier import of assets from all the leading 3D and 2D CAD packages which are combined into a single BIM-compatible 3D model. There is improved support for FBX and DXF and direct support for SketchUp. Modelling tools can be used to build 3D from 2D drawings and there’s a precision object snap for faster and more accurate model building

Finally, there is now a Software Development Kit for advanced users that makes it easier to factor in exceptional or unusual events or pedestrian behaviour such as for older people (who move slowly) or children (who don’t slow down on stairs and who defy the normal speed/density ratios.)

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