Cloud service helps improve data quality in Revit models

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DAQS.IO uses a dashboard traffic-light system to focus attention where it is needed most

DAQS.IO is a new cloud service designed to help AEC companies improve and verify data quality in Revit models.

According to the developers, it assists Revit modellers in creating quality models faster and better, gives project managers direct insight into the status of project models, and allows BIM Managers to explore cross-project trends and statistics.

“As technical consultants analysing Revit projects for more than seven years, we know the struggles that Revit modellers face complying with building standards, rules, and best industry practises,” says Daniel Gijsbers CEO of DAQS.IO.

“Therefore we developed our cloud service for automated Revit health checks to manage data quality so that Revit modellers can save time producing high-quality information models at the right moment.

Its dashboard traffic-light system focuses the attention of the user to where it is needed most. The ‘trends and statistics over multiple projects’ feature allows BIM managers to decide what, where and how to invest in BIM capabilities.”

DAQS.IO uses Autodesk Forge to extract the information from Revit models for analysis and communicates it to the user’s dashboards.

According to the company, using Autodesk Forge eliminates the need for customers to install and update plugins across their organisation and the necessity to do vigorous testing for compatibility.


“AEC Companies starting new projects often set up BIM execution plans when collaborating with multiple parties, and it is often needed to communicate via IFC files. These files are time-consuming to produce,” adds a DAQS.IO spokesperson.

“The export to IFC is error-prone, and they are labour intensive to validate. DAQS.IO helps validate the Revit models against the BIM execution plans before the IFC files are created, assisting the Revit modeller in exporting better ‘openBIM’ models for the project stakeholders.”

DAQS.IO improves data quality in Revit
The Revit file never leaves the Autodesk environment
DAQS.IO helps improve data quality in Revit
Example of a project dashboard indicating warnings


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