NEWS: Pacific India invests in cloud-based collaboration tool Ayoga

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Software chosen because for simplicity and integration of various technologies including IoT

Pacific Development Corporation, New Delhi, has adopted the cloud-based collaboration and project management software Ayoga from technology startup DesignSense. The software is designed to bring disparate technologies like CAD, Web, Mobile, ChatBots and IoT together in one platform for various stakeholders to plan and manage projects.

“We chose Ayoga for collaboration between our team members primarily because of the product’s simplicity and integration of various technologies including IoT,” Mr. Jagdev Sharma, IT Head – Corporate at Pacific Development Corporation. “Their Checklist feature connects well with our QC processes and that being available on the mobile devices made it easier to adapt. We are looking forward to working with Ayoga team to integrate Ayoga as an enterprise collaboration tool, connecting project management and ERP system we have which is a challenge we have now.”

Ayoga is designed to help customers set up users and projects quickly in a simple web interface. Once set up the single sign on enables project members to access project data in the platform of their choice, be it the CAD Software, Web browser or mobile device or IoT device. The project planning can happen in the cloud, while individual members get notified through push notifications on their mobile devices through a chatbot, of the issues and tasks related to the project real time. According to DesignSense, this cuts down the time taken for decisions, reducing work in progress, thereby saving cost and complexity

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