NEWS: SimScale webinar explores natural ventilation

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SimScale uses cloud-based CFD software and servers to validate building designs

SimScale is hosting a free webinar on February 8 to explain how Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software can help engineers and architects develop natural ventilation strategies for buildings.

Natural ventilation (also called passive ventilation) is driven by wind and stack effects based on temperature and pressure differences as well as on outdoor wind speeds. It can help ensure occupant comfort and indoor air quality, save energy and reduce the costs of building design, operation and maintenance.

Despite these benefits SimScale says design decisions are often left to a few hand calculations and assumptions, without a proper engineering analysis to back it up.

According to the company, one of the reasons for this is engineering simulation—especially CFD and FEA—has traditionally been expensive to use.

SimScale is trying to change this with a cloud-based service that is designed to make ‘very complex simulations’ easy and accessible via a standard web browser.

Simulations can be run in parallel in the cloud and the results post-processed, using only a normal laptop or PC. With a Community account there is no cost.


SimScale says no simulation knowledge is required to attend the webinar which takes place on February 8 at 11:30AM ET / 5:30PM CET.

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