NEWS: SKYSITE delivers construction docs via the cloud

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Integrated cloud-based construction document management solution features automated mobile and desktop sync

SKYSITE is a new cloud-based, enterprise-level, document management solution for the construction industry. It allows users to view, manage, distribute, and collaborate on construction documents in real time with secure access available on ‘any mobile or desktop device’. Apps are available for iPad, Android and Windows.

In contrast to general-purpose file syncing tools like dropbox or Box, the developer of SKYSITE, ARC Document Solutions, says its solution was designed from the ground up for the AEC industry, drawing on more than three decades of industry experience of construction workflows.

K. “Suri” Suriyakumar, Chairman, President, and CEO of ARC Document Solutions, commented, “Using the cloud, we’ve built a revolutionary platform that allows anyone from any device to view, store, manage, search, and distribute documents for collaboration purposes. It’s a secure place on the cloud where critical information is always available, creating a ‘single source of truth’ for the project team.”

SKYSITE allows users to view, manage, and distribute documents in more than 100 different file types, including ‘major construction document file formats’. It supports real time syncing of specific documents or entire folders/directories to speed access and manage limited storage of mobile devices. Files can also be accessed independent of Internet connectivity.

Other features include real-time mark-up, over mobile and desktop devices, multi-layered password option to distinguish from common confidential folders and projects, activity tracking to provide oversight for document collaboration and sharing activities and integration with ARC Service Centers for end-to-end document management, digital to hard copy conversion, file management and uploading services, and more.

“Today construction projects are conducted in real-time, across different locations around the world,” says Rob McKinney Safety Director at J.M. Wilkerson Construction Co. and Editor of The Construction App Guru blog site. “Construction teams need access to current and accurate documents with the confidence that the right version of the document is in their hands. We can’t afford to work from outdated hard copies, email messages, generic file sharing apps or FTP sites that are unable to cope with real-time collaboration demand. In our experience working with early versions of the application, SKYSITE provides effective project management with efficient collaboration and information sharing.”


SKYSITE charges a monthly fee per user for unlimited storage, ranging from $300 for up to 30 users, right up to an unlimited number of users for $2,000. There’s also a free service where 5 users can access 1GB of storage.

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