NEWS: Skysite expands reach of ProjectLink with support for iPhone

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Construction document management and distribution tool now available on Windows, Android and iOS

Skysite has introduced new functionality for its ProjectLink application that includes a fully-integrated version designed for use on the Apple iPhone. Other upgrades to the construction document management and distribution tool include improved hyperlinking identification, an easier workflow for uploading documents, and a simpler, cleaner user interface for publishing pages.

“As smartphones have become larger, they are beginning to displace tablet use, especially in the field. That’s why we’ve focused on bringing the power and simplicity of Skysite ProjectLink to the phone; it’s a perfect marriage of form factor and UI,” said Rahul Roy, Chief Technology Officer for Skysite. “Anyone can carry an iPhone in their pocket, so bringing Skysite to this platform dramatically expands the number of people who can benefit from its use. Even a field worker with a full tool belt who is carrying supplies can stop and use a phone to consult a construction plan or building reference.”

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