NEWS: Smartglasses used for BIM integration

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3Squared and Autodesk to pioneer new concepts for wearable technology in the construction industry.

3Squared, a specialist in web based software and mobile apps for the construction industry, is working with Autodesk in Sheffield and San Francisco, to demonstrate how wearable devices could deliver tangible benefits on construction sites. This includes looking at ways to improve information delivery, enhance on-site communication between engineers and enhance health and safety.
The first pilot project will integrate Smartglasses with BIM (Building information Modelling) 360 Field, a Construction Management application developed by Autodesk. It will explore different ways and opportunities to capture, present and display information on site.
3Squared and Autodesk will also investigate how wearable devices could be used to deliver project documentation directly to an engineer on-site, to capture video and pictures and other field data during the commissioning and handover of a building project. In addition, they will look at how to provide access to drawings and plans and how technology such as iBeacon could be used to deliver contextual-based information on site.
Tim Jones, Managing Director of 3Squared, said, “It made sense to partner with Autodesk on this project, as both our companies have extensive experience in providing technology solutions to the construction industry. We firmly believe that wearable technology could have a significant impact in the construction industry. There are endless opportunities where these technologies could be used to improve information delivery, health & safety and much more.”
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