NEWS: Dalux launches free smartphone BIM viewer

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Dalux freeBIM said to be capable of displaying complex building designs in 3D

Danish firm Dalux has released a new free BIM file viewer, Dalux freeBIM, that allows construction workers to display complex building designs in 3D on a smartphone app.

“We want Dalux to be a global product, said founder Torben Dalgaard. “The whole world should be able to enjoy our viewer and therefore we make it free. Everybody can now see their 3D drawings for free, so that customers, can get a much better understanding of what they are building. Professionals still must purchase the premium version if they also want to be able to report errors and make notes.”

The technology is currently being used for the construction of a new ‘Super Hospital’ in Denmark. The design consists of 23 3D models all assembled into one model with Dalux’s software. According to Dalux, everything can be easily displayed and navigated on a standard smartphone, on Android or iOS.

“Dalux is the first BIM viewer I have seen that can handle our 130,000 m2 development on a smartphone, and it handles 3D amazingly well, “says ICT coordinator Bjarke Kristensen, from DNV Gødstrup. “Other solutions deliver some fancy drawings, but Dalux delivers BIM for the construction worker, where they can use their smartphone or tablet to easily see the exact position of e.g. pipes while they are working at the site and thus avoid paper drawings.”

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