Ideate Software enhances Revit productivity applications

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Ideate Software has added several customer-requested improvements to its Ideate productivity applications, which are now compatible with Revit versions 2021 – 2018.

According to Glynnis Patterson, director of software development, one of the most significant changes is within Ideate Sticky, which now allows users to link PDF and Microsoft Word documents to Revit files. The software, which is designed specifically to make it easy to integrate and format non-BIM data into Revit projects, was previously solely focused on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

There have also been several enhancements made to Ideate StyleManager, which is used to analyse, delete or merge non-standard Revit styles; Ideate BIMLink, which is used to enable to flow of data between Revit and Excel; Ideate Explorer, which is used for auditing Revit models to keep them ‘clean and accurate’; and IdeateApps, which is designed to simplify everyday Revit tasks.

14-day trial versions are available from the Ideate Software website.

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