NEWS: Virtual AEC brings VR to architectural design

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Muto software brings Bentley i-models (and Revit models via the i-model plug-in) into the Unity games engine

Muto is a new suite of VR tools for importing and manipulating Bentley Systems i-models and BIM data within the Unity games engine. By tightly integrating CAD-based data with Unity’s gameplay tools and real-time graphics, developer Virtual AEC aims to enable the creation of interactive architectural experiences across all platforms.

“Muto imports and optimizes i-models in just a few clicks,” explained Virtual AEC co-founder Ezra Smith. “Once it’s in Unity, your CAD data can do anything Unity can do: interactive scenes, photo-realistic rendering, virtual reality, mobile deployment…it’s a long list. And Muto provides tools and templates to help with all of it. You can create interactive, BIM-informed applications with minimal effort.”

In development since 2014, Muto says its design has been tested and shaped by several of the world’s largest architecture and engineering firms. Though the software is currently limited to Bentley’s i-model format, Revit users are not left out, as the Bentley i-model plug-in for Revit creates compatible files with a simple one-step export.

“We’ve used Muto to bring design review to the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, mobile devices, PCs, and web browsers,” said Smith, “and we can’t wait to see what our users will do with it.”

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