NEWS: ViCon to support Sydney Metro Northwest project

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ViCon commissioned for BIM Management services and the establishment of its Online Rail Information Systems (ORIS)

Over a period of four consecutive years ViCon is set to support the application of BIM for the Sydney Metro Northwest project, the first stage of the forthcoming Sydney Metro system, Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project.

Once completed the railway network across greater Sydney will have room for an extra 100,000 train customers per hour. The project also includes construction of 15km long twin tunnels, eight new stations and 4.000 commuter car parking spaces for Sydney’s growing northwest region.

The NRT Infrastructure JV, consisting of John Holland and CPB Contractors, commissioned ViCon with BIM Management services and the establishment of ViCon’s Online Rail Information Systems (ORIS).

ORIS is a web-based project management system specifically developed for the control and evaluation of data to efficiently manage the realization and operation of rail projects. During the current building phase a vast number of data is gener-ated, which will be embedded in workflows for direct project control, reporting and analysis.

ORIS enables the entire project team to collect and access all data in real time; independent of location or participation level. All necessary information gets collected with mobile devices via existing templates, which can be accessed online within the 3D model. Approximately 100.000 of these templates will be sent via ORIS during the course of the project, automatically linked to the 3D model, analysed and archived for future usage, such as e.g. facility management.

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