New service for custom 3D-printed architectural products

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Design-to-delivery platform enables rapid production of floors, panels, furniture and other architectural solutions

Aectual has announced the global beta launch of its ‘design-to-delivery platform’ that ‘rapidly produces’ bespoke 3D-printed XL architectural and interior products at industrial scale.

The Amsterdam-based company offers modern 3D-printed architecture and interior items, such as terrazzo artwork flooring, fixtures, wall panelling, columns, façades, stairs, room dividers, planters and table screens — even entire buildings — that are all made from 100% circular, sustainable recycled and renewable materials.

According to Aectual, its design-to-delivery process is said to reduce the cost of custom-made architectural products by 50%, is up to 10 times faster, eliminates waste, and reduces materials usages and CO2 emissions.

The Aectual platform utilises customisable engineered parametric products, an easy-to-use (customised) design dashboard and proprietary robotic XL 3D-print technology.

AEC-industry professionals can upload and create their own product versions or simply go to the Aectual website, pick a terrazzo floor pattern, wall panel, room divider, or sun canopy, for example, and then customise it to their taste. Once ordered, Aectual 3D-prints and installs the product.

Prices start at $24 per square foot (€200 euros per square metre). According to Aectual, items are typically more affordable than their conventional, custom-made counterparts.

Commercial projects already deployed globally by Aectual include flooring in Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport, flooring in BMW World in Munich, printed display walls in Nike Town London, a tiny bauhaus (aka studio shed or she shed), flooring that uses recycled Budweiser bottles at Capital C offices in Amsterdam and the temporary EU building in Amsterdam.


Hedwig Heinsman, co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Aectual spoke at AEC Magazine’s NXT BLD event in 2018.

Flooring in Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport
Flooring in BMW World in Munich
Printed display walls in Nike Town London

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