NEWS: Yulio launches VR plug-in for SketchUp

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2D renders can easily turned into rich and immersive VR experiences in just a few clicks

Yulio Technologies has launched a VR plug-in for SketchUp that creates immersive VR experiences (VREs) for viewing on mobile VR platforms, such as Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. The collection of FPRs (fixed-point renderings) can then be shared with clients or remote collaborators.

The Yulio plug-in is free to download for all Yulio users. According to the developers, it was designed to be fast and provide greater realism than the basic SketchUp render.

“Yulio’s goal has always been to fully democratize the use of VR within A&D and put the tools to create VR experiences in every designer’s hands,” explains Yulio Managing Director Robert Kendal. “With that in mind, when developing our Sketchup plugin, we worked incredibly hard to develop a tool that’s 100% accessible to every user and lets designers transition their work from 2D renders in CAD to VR ready files seamlessly and lightning fast. The plug-in does all of the design lifting and returns a URL to the user, so that designers can share VR experiences in minutes.” Yulio’s SketchUp plugin can be downloaded here. Plug-ins are also available for Revit and 3ds Max.

Image rendered in SketchUp with native SketchUp renderer

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