Video: NXT BLD London conference – Arthur Mamou-Mani, Mamou-Mani

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Constructing (and deconstructing) buildings with cable robots – NXT BLD London, June 2017


The future of construction will be in robotic technologies, explains architect and digital fabrication specialist Arthur Mamou-Mani, as he introduces a project he’s carrying out with Arup to develop a robot capable of constructing and deconstructing buildings. Arthur captivates the audience as he demonstrates the cyclical nature of the building process and how demolition can be anticipated in the spirit of our new circular economy.

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NXT BLD is organised by AEC Magazine and brings next generation architecture, engineering and construction technologies to life in an exclusive conference and exhibition. These emerging technologies facilitate new ways of designing, enhancing the use of 3D models, applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and offering new possibilities in digital fabrication and construction.

NXT BLD London took place on 28 June at The British Museum, London in association with Lenovo. The conference covered innovations in Virtual and Augmented Reality, design visualisation, digital fabrication and AI.


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