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Open Design Alliance launches Strategic Interoperability Group

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Open Design Alliance (ODA) Program designed to help companies work together to solve interoperability challenges

Open Design Alliance (ODA), a provider of CAD and BIM interoperability solutions, has launched its new Strategic Interoperability Group (SIG) program designed to facilitate collaboration on small and mid-sized development projects within the CAD and BIM industries.

“ODA is well-known for interoperability solutions that impact broad industry segments—toolkits for Autodesk DWG, DGN, IFC, and so on,” said Neil Peterson, ODA President.

“We also offer development services for smaller, more specialised projects, things like proprietary BIM formats, technologies for urban digital twins, and so on.

“The new Strategic Interoperability Group allows small groups of companies to efficiently collaborate on key interoperability projects, instead of working alone.”

According to the ODA, working together on shared solutions can save 50% to 90% or more on development costs for complex projects. SIG projects leverage ODA’s mature and widely used technologies for visualization, cloud collaboration, publishing, modelling and more.

“Small-group collaboration through ODA works,” continued Mr. Peterson. “Our SDK for Autodesk Revit files was developed using this model, starting with six companies back in 2014 and growing to more than 60 companies today.”

“With the launch of the new Strategic Interoperability Group, we’re building on our past success to take on new, industry-critical projects. These can include support for key file formats, digital twin technologies, scan-to-BIM, and other interoperability challenges that are important to the long-term health of the industry.”