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To celebrate the 100th edition of AEC Magazine, we give a run down of the most viewed articles on since time began … well, since the launch of Google Analytics

10. Unreal Studio launches plus support for SketchUp

03/18 – The moment Epic Games got serious about design viz as part of a wider strategy to make the popular game engine more accessible to architects and designers. Click to read.


9. BIM libraries come of age

09/14 – As BIM library providers jostled for position, we looked at the challenges faced by manufacturers looking to make their products easier for designers to use by delivering standard BIM objects. Click to read.



8. The clone wars

08/17 – A precursor to our Nov/Dec 2018 cover story on BricsCAD BIM, we looked at how the DWG clone developers, not content with mirroring AutoCAD’s functionality, were starting to develop true BIM capabilities. Click to read.


7. Step inside the role of a BIM Manager

01/17 – Mike Turpin, company BIM manager at Capita, shared his thoughts on this ever evolving position, and wondered if we can actually answer the question “what is a BIM Manager?” Click to read.


6. Leica simplifies reality capture with BLK3D

06/18 – A surprise entry in our top 10, this preview of Leica’s easy-to-use handheld device for real-time 3D measurement got even more hits than our review of the BLK360 laser scanner. Click to read.


5. Quadro P2000 & P4000 for CAD, viz & VR

02/17 – When we do hardware reviews, we do them in-depth, testing with real world applications. And these pro GPUs got plenty of attention from users of BIM, design viz and VR tools. Clcik to read.


4. 30 of the best mobile apps for BIM

01/14 – In just 10 years smartphones and tablets have become ubiquitous in the AEC industry. Even back in 2014 there was a huge array of amazing apps for all kinds of workflows. Click to read.


3.From Revit to VR

02/17 – In testing the three apps in this colossal 6,500 word review, we lost ourselves in VR for weeks. But the sharing of our practical, hands-on experiences hit the spot with architects looking to adopt this exciting new tech. Click to read.


2. Project Quantum: the future of BIM?

02/17 – We’ve had some exclusives in our time but none were as big as this: Autodesk sharing its vision for its next generation of BIM tools. Next month we have another exclusive update. Click to read.


1.VR for architecture: a beginner’s guide

07/16 – 2016 was the year that Virtual Reality exploded onto the scene and we were right on cue with this in-depth guide. We looked at the use cases in AEC, including how VR can be deployed to aid the design process as well as for design review and collaboration. We also went back to basics on the kit with a run down of Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), GPUs and workstations, plus how to navigate within VR and interact with the scene. The article was updated in Feb 2017. Click to read.



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