Trimble unveils high-accuracy AR system

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SiteVision can blend 3D civils or BIM models with real-world environments

Trimble has introduced SiteVision, an outdoor AR solution that enables users to blend 3D civils or BIM models with real-world environments and view them at 1:1 scale, from any angle.

SiteVision combines hardware and software in an integrated, lightweight handheld or pole-mounted solution. It integrates the Trimble Catalyst DA1 Antenna, Electronic Distance Measurement (EDM) rangefinder and power management with a user-supplied Android mobile phone. The SiteVision software includes Trimble’s positioning services and cloud-based processing technology to manage and deliver data and design models.

Trimble says city planners could use SiteVision to visualise a new building design in the exact spot it is to be erected, a work crew could identify the exact position of underground cables or pipes before digging, or a construction supervisor could assess the progress of heavy equipment by visualising actual work performed against the site plan.



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