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Alice uses AI to optimise P6 schedules

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AI construction scheduling software Alice Core integrates with Oracle’s scheduling tools

Alice Technologies has added the ability to import Primavera P6 schedules directly into Alice Core, a new, enhanced version of its AI-powered construction scheduling software.

With Alice Core, contractors and asset owners can upload their baseline P6 or Oracle Primavera Cloud schedule and the software will then simulate scenarios to look for ‘optimised schedules’. Once the best path forward has been identified, it can be exported back to Oracle’s scheduling products.

According to CEO Rene Morkos, it is the most significant change to the software since it was first released in 2015.

“By making it fast and easy to bring information from Oracle’s scheduling products to Alice and back again, we are enabling Primavera users to build on the investment they’ve made in their existing schedules,” said Morkos.

“We’re excited to see both contractors and asset owners maximise the impact that AI can have on their businesses with Alice.”

With the launch of Alice Core, Alice Technologies has also joined Oracle Partner Network (OPN). “We’re pleased to be collaborating with Alice to help our customers leverage an AI-based tool to optimise their construction schedules,” added Frank Malangone, Executive Director, Industry Strategy and Innovation, Oracle Construction and Engineering.

Alice uses AI to analyse a project’s complex building requirements, generate efficient building schedules, and adjust those schedules as needed during construction. According to the company, users can simulate thousands of options in seconds with the software, then test different scenarios to find the optimum solution, leading to time and cost savings and reduced risk on projects.


The original version of Alice has been renamed Alice Pro. As before, Alice Pro enables users to connect their 3D model with their schedule and estimates to visualise all aspects of a project in 4D.

With the launch of Alice Core, the firm has also introduced a new, token-based pricing model for the Alice platform. According to the company, the token-based model will make the platform accessible to a wider set of prospective users and enable those users to use it on more projects.

Alice Core


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