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Faro introduces hybrid mobile scanner

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Faro Orbis offers mobile and stationary scanning in a single device

Faro Technologies has released the Faro Orbis Mobile Scanner, a hybrid scanner that can be used for both mobile and stationary data capture in one device.

The Faro Orbis uses Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM)-enabled LiDAR technology and offers local or cloud-based data processing and collaboration

Operators can ‘seamlessly switch’ between walking and stationary scanning while continuously acquiring 360° images. Acceording to Faro it is ten times faster than using a traditional static laser scanner.

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Faro has also announced Faro Sphere XG, the latest version of its cloud-based digital reality platform. Users can integrate data from static scanning, mobile scanning, 360° capture and iPhone LiDAR data all within a single platform.

Project stakeholders can upload, view, measure and analyse 3D point clouds, 360° images and BIM data for centralised cloud-based data storage and collaboration.

“[Orbis] reflects the fusion of Faro’s technologies with the capabilities brought by our recent acquisitions, GeoSLAM and HoloBuilder,” says Peter Lau, president & CEO of Faro.

“It offers all the unmatched functionality of a mobile scanner, the precision of a tripod-based laser scanner and sets a new standard for 3D reality capture technology and workflow management that will transform the way people work across a range of industries.”


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