Bentley Systems waives fees for pedestrian simulation software

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OpenBuildings Station Designer with Legion Simulator can help plan social distancing and mitigate risk in reopening public facilities

To help building and facilities managers meet demands for social distancing and crowd management, Bentley Systems is waiving new subscription fees for Legion Simulator and OpenBuildings Station Designer.

OpenBuildings Station Designer’s BIM environment provides 3D context for Legion’s pedestrian simulation capabilities. The software can help station owners, planning and design firms, and facilities operators develop models, simulate crowd movement, analyse foot traffic, and optimise space utilisation of infrastructure assets such as rail and metro stations, airports, retail and commercial complexes, hospitals, and stadiums.

Legion Simulator can be used to help validate social distancing plans, ensure space maximization, model safe and comfortable wayfinding strategies and evacuation plans; and provide virtual, collaborative planning, design and operations reviews.

“Atkins has collaborated successfully with Legion for over 20 years, and we look forward to building upon our own thought leadership on Covid-19 and for the Transport Sector by applying Legion’s simulations for social distancing in response to requests by our metro clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia,” said Cameron MacDonald, technical director, operations advisory, Atkins.

New subscription fees for OpenBuildings Station Designer and Legion Simulator will be waived through 30 September 2020.

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