Tekla Structures gets plug-in for Farrat Thermal Break Plates

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Users can now design and detail the plates that insulate connections between structural components, such as steel beams

Trimble Solutions has teamed up with Farrat to develop a new plug-in for Tekla Structures designed to help facilitate the efficient design and detailing of Thermal Break Plates into structural steel framed buildings.

The tool enables Farrat’s Structural Thermal Break Plates to be incorporated directly into a Tekla user’s BIM model, as well as automatically integrate with all structural attributes, scheduling and production dimensions.

The Structural Thermal Breaks, fabricated by Farrat at its Altrincham manufacturing facility, are designed to insulate the connections between structural components, such as steel beams, reducing both energy loss through the building and the risk of interstitial condensation.

Prior to the launch, Tekla and Farrat customers would have had to manually model a generic steel plate with no specific attributes and simply label it as a thermal break plate. What’s more, the plate would not have been specific to any manufacturer, meaning that it would have been impossible for architects and engineers to generate precise take-offs and price estimates.

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