RIB Software launches free carbon quantifier tool

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Allows validated carbon values to be allocated to estimate quantities

RIB Software has partnered with non-profit organisation, Building Transparency, to develop the RIB Carbon Quantifier.

Through a direct link with Building Transparency’s free to use Embodied Carbon in Construction Calculator (EC3), the application allows users to ‘quickly, easily and consistently’ allocate carbon environmental product declaration (EPD) values against their imported estimate data, including resource quantities.

This comes as studies highlight the industry’s impact on the environment, with construction constituting 39% of global greenhouse gas emissions and accounting for 36% of global energy demands.

René Wolf, Chief Executive Officer at RIB Software, says there is a growing need to reduce carbon emissions within the engineering and construction sector to combat the damaging effects of climate change.

“Until recently, the construction industry’s response to reducing building-related emissions has focused on energy efficiency by reducing operational emissions – the energy used to heat, cool and light buildings.

“While previously effective, this approach overlooks embodied carbon emissions associated with material and construction processes across a building’s lifecycle, which represents a quarter of the carbon emitted during the life of a building and 11% of all global carbon emissions.

“It is therefore critical to increase efforts to quantify, monitor, evaluate and ultimately reduce the embodied carbon emitted throughout the lifecycle of a construction project – and the driving factor for why RIB Software developed the Carbon Quantifier application,” explains Wolf.


Stacy Smedley, Executive Director of Building Transparency, says reducing embodied carbon emissions is one of the biggest opportunities in the fight against global warming. “Partnerships, like ours with RIB Software, are critical to driving action in the building sector and identifying new solutions that make it easier to prioritise low-carbon decision-making on projects. It’s exciting to have our EC3 data and its large carbon impact database be utilized and leveraged for tools like the RIB Carbon Quantifier.”

The primary features of the RIB Carbon Quantifier include the easy extraction of embodied carbon data from Building Transparency’s EC3 database against estimates; keeping a repository of each estimate’s embodied carbon data for cross-referencing and facilitating easier allocation of carbon values for future projects; the ability to easily export aligned quantified data back to EC3 for analytics, reporting and dashboarding; and providing users with a direct integration with other estimating products within the RIB portfolio of products.


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