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3D monitor primed for giant point clouds

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Terrasolid TerraStereo certified for visualization on Schneider Digital’s 3D PluraView monitor

Terrasolid TerraStereo, which is designed for visualising very large point clouds of up to 50 billion points, has been officially certified by Schneider Digital for use on its 3D PluraView monitors.

The 3D monitor can be used for the visualization of stereo LiDAR, photogrammetry, GIS and BIM datasets. When used with TerraStereo, users can visualise buildings, topographies, railway and tram infrastructures, including power lines, corridor analyses, and road surface conditions. Precise 3-axis measurements can also be taken in a 3D space.

The 3D PluraView monitor features two displays (one per eye), a semi-transparent mirror and ‘extremely light’ passively polarized stereo glasses.

According to the company, the 28-inch monitor delivers high-quality 3D stereo images at 4K resolution with very high stereo image sharpness and the highest level of detail.

User can work ‘completely flicker free’ in normal daylight office conditions ‘comfortably and without fatigue’. A response time of 1ms is said to eliminate ghosting and motion blurring and a wide viewing angle means the 3D monitor is also suitable for team collaboration.

TerraStereo itself integrates with a broad range of Terrasolid workflows and can be combined with other Terrasolid software products. The workflow usually begins with TerraScan, to manage, process and visualise all types of point clouds.

The application offers various import and project structuring tools for large amounts of data. Complex buildings, landscapes as well as road and cable networks can be measured, ‘vectorised’ and ‘precisely modelled’ in 3D.


In combination with additional Terrasolid applications such as TerraModeler, TerraMatch, TerraPhoto, TerraSlave and other products, users have access to a range of tools for the automated processing of LiDAR point clouds and the creation of 3D vector datasets.

Earlier this year, Schneider Digital announced that 3D CAD/BIM tool EliteCAD Architecture 15 was ‘fully compatible’ with the 3D PluraView monitor.


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