Chaos AI Enhancer

Chaos AI Enhancer to boost visual quality in Enscape

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New feature, currently in preview, uses AI to elevate the quality of visualizations

Chaos is working on a new feature for Enscape that allows users to elevate the quality of their visualisations, specifically people and vegetation assets, using AI

Chaos AI Enhancer is currently available in the Enscape 4.1 Preview 6 for users with a non-trial license. The feature is still in development, but will be officially released soon.

Many of Enscape’s people and vegetation assets are produced in-house, keeping a strict budget of polygons that allows users to place multiple assets without experiencing a loss in performance.

Chaos AI Enhancer is designed to elevate the visual quality of these assets using an AI engine that identifies which pixels should be enhanced.

Chaos admits that in the preview release, while AI processing may sometimes produce unwanted artifacts. However, it is working on perfecting this feature, and future updates will introduce advanced masking features to mitigate these issues, the company states.

Chaos AI Enhancer can be accessed through the Enscape UI, with a new button now visible on the renderer toolbar.

Chaos says adding details to a rendering with AI is similar to creating a screenshot. The enhanced images are automatically saved to the download folder. The processing time depends on the scene size, and it might take a few minutes while Enscape is blocked.


AI-enhanced image (Image courtesy of Chaos)
Non-AI-enhanced image
Non-AI-enhanced image (Image courtesy of Chaos)