D5 Render 2.8

D5 Render 2.8 introduces ‘AI Enhancer’

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New beta feature designed to make elements within a render more detailed and realistic

D5 Render 2.8, the latest release of the architectural-focused real-time renderer, has introduced a new beta feature that uses AI to make various elements within a render (lighting, materials, characters, vehicles, and vegetation) more detailed and realistic.

AI Enhancer (beta) allows users to select specific areas for enhancement, while leaving unselected parts unchanged. If no area is selected, the entire image will be enhanced by default. Users can apply three intensity levels – weak, normal, and strong.

The AI Enhancer Channel helps improve the accuracy of area selection, providing ‘precise control’ over enhancements.

D5 Render 2.8 also introduces several enhancements to improve lighting. This includes ‘Optimized Semi-Transparent Effect’ to helps users achieve effects like coloured gradient glass. Users can adjust the opacity value and use black-and-white maps to control the opacity pattern, allowing for dynamic light interaction.

AI Enhancer (before)
AI Enhancer (after)

With Sunlight Caustics, D5 Render can now simulate realistic sunlight refraction and reflection, enhancing HDRI scenes with adjustable intensity and softness. Users can enable the caustics option for ‘Custom’, ‘Transparent’, and ‘Water’ material templates to display reflection and refraction caustics.

There’s also a Rainbow Flare Effect for adding a colourful halo around the sun to  mimic real-world camera effects and Enhanced HDRI Sky Colours to allow for hue and saturation adjustments, providing control over the sky’s colour and intensity.

Elsewhere, the workflow Rhino and Vectorworks has been improved with new LiveSync integrations that allow real-time synchronisation of model edits, materials, and viewports


The asset library has also expanded significantly, with over 190 new models, including construction site equipment, animated machinery, and vehicles.

More details of the new features can be found here

The asset library includes new construction site equipment
D5 Render 2.8
Sunlight Caustics
D5 Render 2.8
Translucent glass


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