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Cesium for Unreal – geospatial content inside real-time engine

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Free open-source Cesium for Unreal plug-in gives users of Unreal Engine ready access to 3D geospatial content

3D geospatial software company Cesium has teamed up with Epic Games to launch Cesium for Unreal, a free, open-source plug-in that will allow AEC and other firms to build real-time 3D experiences with Unreal Engine using high-resolution, real-world 3D geospatial content. With the free plug-in, users can sign in from within Unreal Engine Editor to add global 3D content with a single-click.

Cesium for Unreal enables a high-accuracy full-scale (World Geodetic System 1984 – WGS84) globe in Unreal Engine. It means precisely geo-located scenes can be built using accurate real-world 3D content captured from cameras and LiDAR sensors on satellites, drones, and intelligent machines.

The plug-in includes integration with the Cesium ion platform for 3D geospatial data. Firms can upload their own geospatial content to Cesium ion or gain access to curated, commercial 3D content like global terrain, 3D buildings, photogrammetry, and satellite imagery, including Cesium World Terrain and Cesium OSM Buildings.

Once inside Cesium ion, geospatial data is converted into streamable 3D Tiles, where only the content that is most important to the user’s experience is loaded into the system, allowing firms to visualise massive high-resolution real-world photogrammetry and 3D content at runtime inside Unreal Engine.

Cesium for Unreal is available to download for free on the Unreal Engine Marketplace. It will support both cloud and private network content and services.

“Cesium’s expertise in cloud-based geospatial software applications and leadership on open standards for streaming massive 3D content makes them an ideal partner to support Epic’s vision for an open Metaverse,” said Marc Petit, VP and General Manager of Unreal Engine at Epic Games.

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