Cintoo Cloud

Cintoo Cloud aligned with Autodesk Construction Cloud

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Combined use of platforms offers workflows for tracking issues found when comparing BIM data with mesh-based laser scan data

Cintoo, a specialist in managing reality capture data in the cloud, has been named an Autodesk Construction Cloud Premium Integration partner and will promote the combined use of Autodesk Construction Cloud and Cintoo Cloud for all aspects of design and construction.

Cintoo Cloud is a browser-based solution with a ‘unique’ point cloud-to-mesh technology and ‘TurboMesh’ streaming engine that allows users to access to high resolution 3D scans and models from ‘anywhere’. According to the company, with Cintoo Cloud, even high-resolution data (billions of points) from large projects (thousands of scans) can be manipulated in 3D using a standard WebGL browser without quality reduction or data simplification.

The platform can read point cloud data from Autodesk ReCap or any other point cloud software that uses the Autodesk RCP format or the E57 exchange format and will turn it to 3D meshes (one mesh per scan position) prior to the upload. According to Cintoo, this reduces the size of the point cloud data to upload by 10 to 30 times. Once turned into 3D meshes and uploaded to the cloud, the solution offers visualization features in 2D or 3D, with display modes in RGB, X-ray, height map or 3D Surface, that reveals a granular level of scan detail never seen before.

Cintoo Cloud can also be used to compare as-designed BIM or CAD files with ‘as-built’ mesh-based laser scan and drone data.

“Autodesk Construction Cloud customers are among the most ardent users of Cintoo Cloud by utilising inherent uploading of Autodesk BIM models for design comparison to scanned reality data,” said Dominique Pouliquen, CEO and product manager at Cintoo. “Working in concert with Autodesk Construction Cloud, users can easily create and share annotations or issues with their distributed team members.”