Trimble joins ResponsibleSteel to help drive sustainability in steel

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Aims to make construction more sustainable by raising efficiencies, helping avoid waste and enabling data reporting on the impact of projects

Trimble has joined ResponsibleSteel, an independent, non-profit organisation designed to drive the socially and environmentally responsible production of net-zero steel, globally.

The steel industry is one of the largest industrial emitters of CO2. With owners and operators of both building and infrastructure assets increasingly expecting their construction partners to choose sustainably sourced materials, there is a growing opportunity and urgency for the steel industry to minimise its environmental impact

Trimble is the first BIM software technology provider to join the ResponsibleSteel initiative. The company’s Tekla software is used for the design, engineering, fabrication and detailing of steel structures.

Tekla’s Embodied Carbon Calculator enables designers and detailers to assess the potential environmental implications of designs to quickly compare various structural options’ carbon impact. Additionally, a plug-in to Tekla Structures enables the upload of material quantities in a design to One Click LCA, a lifecycle assessment software that helps users calculate and reduce the environmental impacts of their designs.

“Thanks to its industry-wide nature, ResponsibleSteel has the ability to bring about impactful change to the way steel is created, sold, sourced and applied,” said Päivi Puntila, director, business development and sustainability lead for the structures division at Trimble.

“As one of the key players in design software for steel structures, Trimble solutions have contributed to making construction more sustainable by raising efficiencies, helping avoid waste during construction and enabling data reporting on the climate impact of projects.

“Our membership of ResponsibleSteel is further proof of our commitment to helping protect and build a better world to drive a sustainable future.”


Annie Heaton, ResponsibleSteel’s CEO, said, “As the only global multi-stakeholder initiative for the responsible production of steel, we have created a platform where companies from across the steel value chain can come together to learn and work together to shape the future of the industry.

“Buildings and construction make up around 39 percent of global carbon emissions, 11 percent of which is from construction and the manufacture of building materials such as steel. Tekla software allows engineers to measure and compare the carbon footprint of different structural designs, helping to reduce their environmental impact.”