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IMSCAD launches VDI solution out of Dubai

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‘Desktop as a Service’ Dubai VDI offering will serve Middle East customers with private cloud or on-premise deployment

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) specialist IMSCAD has launched what it describes as a true ‘end to end’ VDI solution based out of Dubai to service the Middle East region.

Customers can service users of 3D CAD, BIM and other demanding applications with ‘powerful desktops’ running either in the private cloud with dedicated servers on on-premise where the customer purchases the servers.

IMSCAD offers a full range of support when deploying VDI solutions using either Citrix or VMware and Nvidia GPUs. This includes pre-sales, project scoping and advice on infrastructure through to deployment, optimisation and ongoing support.

The company also offers a free 48-hour demo where it hosts and supports customers that want to test drive the technology using their own applications and datasets with a choice of GPUs.

In addition to private cloud and on-premise deployments, IMSCAD also offers a Public Cloud VDI solution with Microsoft Azure.

Meanwhile, IMSCAD recently launched a desktop disaster recovery solution aimed at providing companies with a cost-effective back-up for virtual desktops / workstations in addition to their data

IMSCAD’s desktop disaster recovery solution uses Microsoft Azure on a ‘Pay If You Use’ basis, so customers only pay for the virtual desktops in the event of a disaster and the only recurring expenditure is for the infrastructure and storage.



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