BIMcollab improves workflow for BIM data extraction and sharing

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New ‘Lists’ feature uses flexible pivot grids where fields can be dragged and dropped across filters, columns, rows and values

BIMcollab has updated its BIM-focused issue management and model validation tools by improving the way users extract and share information from BIM models.

The new Lists feature in its desktop tool, BIMcollab Zoom, is said to expand on the standard property lists that most BIM tools provide.

It uses Excel-like pivot grids, where data fields can be dragged and dropped across filters, columns, rows and values. The results are then immediately displayed in an interactive overview, where every click visually shows the related components in the 3D view.

For team collaboration, lists can then be shared and viewed via BIMcollab Cloud, to other BIMcollab Zoom users in the project team, or exported to PDF, XLS or CSV.

Advanced reporting is also made easier thanks to a direct connection to Microsoft Power BI. According to the developers, this enables a real-time insight into the progress and quality of your BIM model, even for the non-BIM users.

The latest BIMcollab Zoom release also offers several other improvements, including the ability to share, via BIMcollab Cloud, project setups including model and folder structures. Models can also be loaded much faster in the new release.

Meanwhile, BIMcollab has recently formed some new partnerships, including one with Vixel to develop a link to Vrex, the cloud-based virtual workspace so users can collaborate and work on 3D models inside VR, and another with Xinaps to develop a link to Verifi3D to integrate issue management and model checking in the cloud.


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