NEWS: Bentley delivers new learning program

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Bentley Communities’ Interactive LEARN Sessions to connect users to Bentley’s top product experts in real time

Bentley Communities’ Interactive LEARN Sessions program is a new support solution that connects Bentley’s top product experts straight to its users, virtually, for real-time problem-solving and interaction.

Bentley says these scheduled Q&A sessions will provide unrivalled support. From instant messaging to support solutions articles to forum threads, its domain experts will be live in their specific product community answering all questions related to a particular topic. To participate, users simply need to be active in the associated community—no registration required. 

Each Interactive LEARN Session is typically 4-6 hours long. The specific date, time, and topic for each particular session will be promoted through the relevant Product Communities.

Allen Adams, Bentley’s first-ever Interactive LEARN Session host and Bentley product manager for its structural engineering offerings, says, “On February 24, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. ET, I’ll be online in the Structural Community to talk about the BC and ASCE 7 Standards and the included provisions related to analysis requirements. These requirements pertain to structural configuration, diaphragms and their classification, storey drift, response spectra and seismic analysis, and wind, among others.

“Modelling requirements are given in order to achieve the proper analysis results. Understanding these requirements is key to safe and economical building structures. Get your questions ready and I’ll see you then!”

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