Revit 2021.1 extends focus on automation and computation

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Autodesk enhances Dynamo for Revit and adds new sample studies to Generative Design for Revit to optimise room layouts

Autodesk has concentrated on automation and computation for the new Revit 2021.1 release, adding new sample studies for Generative Design for Revit, and introducing a new 2.6 version of Dynamo for Revit along with new Dynamo nodes.

The software also offers better interoperability with Autodesk Infraworks and Autodesk FormIt Pro and enhanced data exchange with third party products, including import for SAT, Rhino, and Sketchup 2020 files.

For project teams, there’s a new ‘suite of features’ for better sharing and model coordination, including the user request to reset shared coordinates, and a new way to share 3D project views. Design for Revit was first introduced in Revit 2021. The new Grid, Stepped Grid, and Randomize Object Placement sample studies can be used to create and validate room layout design alternatives, and help address social distancing guidelines in response to Covid-19.

The 2.6 release of the visual programming platform Dynamo for Revit introduces new features like the Documentation Browser, as well as faster performance. New nodes include Path of Travel, Generative Design, and new platform categories for ‘automating design across all disciplines’.

To improve workflow at early-stage design, complex curved geometry and material overrides can now be transferred ‘seamlessly and accurately’ from FormIt Pro to Revit.

For civils, interoperability has been improved between InfraWorks and Revit, and it’s now possible to import and document bridge designs ‘more reliably’, although users will have to wait for a new version of InfraWorks to be able to do this.


For collaboration and coordination, users can now ‘quickly create and share 3D views’ with all project stakeholders without having to share the Revit model. BIM 360 integration has also been enhanced with ‘more service resilience’ and up to 30% faster download times when opening, syncing, and reloading Revit models in the cloud.

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