NEWS: Chaos Group invests €2M in CL3VER

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Companies to build interactive 3D visualisation and communication platform for AEC

Advanced rendering specialist Chaos Group has formed a strategic partnership with AEC presentation start-up CL3VER with a view to building an interactive 3D visualization and communication platform for the AEC and design industries. To support the partnership, Chaos Group has invested €2 million in CL3VER, which is set to debut a new line of real-time mobile, web and VR applications next spring.

CL3VER’s cloud-based tools can turn designs into interactive 3D presentations. As the software runs in a web browser, it can be accessed from anywhere, helping improve collaboration and shorten the customer feedback loop.

The partnership’s first task will be to connect Chaos Group’s legendary rendering technology V-Ray to CL3VER’s interactive presentation platform, so architects can access strong, compelling visuals on any browser or mobile device.

“We’re thrilled to be a part of the new era of AEC storytelling,” said Viktor Nordstrom, founder and CEO of CL3VER. “Together, Chaos Group and CL3VER will introduce a platform that puts two essential tools in one place, so designs can be presented and shared in their best form, at any stage of the process.”


To apply for the CL3VER click here.

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