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Chaos and IES to ‘democratise building performance analysis’

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Enscape Building Performance module to deliver real time analysis and visualisation for energy, daylight and thermal comfort

Chaos has shared more details about its partnership with IES designed to bring real time building performance analysis to its real-time rendering tool Enscape.

The public beta of the new Building Performance module, covered in detail in AEC Magazine last month, will be available in the second half of 2024, with the commercial release to follow. The initial release will be available for free to all Enscape users.

The integrated solution will allow users of all Enscape-supporting CAD platforms on Windows (Revit, Rhino, Vectorworks, SketchUp and Archicad) to conduct energy, daylight and thermal comfort analysis during any phase of design.

The software is designed to shorten the feedback loop between analysis and decision and create a streamlined workflow where design visualization and performance analysis work hand-in-hand.

“This is an exciting step forward for sustainable design. Our customers will be able to visualise the performance of a building while designing, with a focus on criteria such as energy usage, thermal comfort, and daylight in real-time,” said Petr Mitev, VP product, solutions for designers, Chaos.

“Better sustainability insights mean better buildings. By empowering architects and designers to make informed decisions from the beginning, they will be able to make more sustainable design recommendations. We hope that by using Enscape’s forthcoming building performance module, architects can substantially reduce energy consumption in their buildings while also reducing costs for the building owner.”

Ruth Kerrigan, Chief Operating Officer, IES, said, “This venture will enable architects and designers to identify the impact of design changes to energy efficiency, dynamically adjust modifications, and empower informed decision-making as it democratises building performance analysis.”


Enscape: building performance analysis


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