3D Repo streamlines issue resolution with Revit plug-in

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Cloud-based digital platform for BIM data also includes measurement tool and enhanced capabilities for health and safety risk management

Issue resolution in 3D Repo 4.6, the latest release of the cloud-based digital platform for BIM data, has been enhanced with a new optimised workflow for Revit. With the new Revit plug-in, issues created in 3D Repo can now be accessed inside Revit. Then, any new issues / comments identified in Revit, can be synched back to 3D Repo for other collaborators to view.

Other new features of the 4.6 release include a new Measurement Card tool, which allows users to take accurate measurements of objects as well as calculate surface areas, minimum distances, and pinpoint model coordinates.

Safety risk management has also been improved with an enhancement to SafetiBase, which allows users to identify and manage their Health and Saftery data directly within their 3D models.

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