BIMobject targets design viz with Twinmotion app

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Architects can now choose from 350,000 smart objects to bring their designs to life in Twinmotion, based on Unreal Engine


To date, BIMobject has focused on having tight integration with leading BIM tools, but now the BIM content provider has turned its attention to design viz with a new app for real-time and VR tool for Twinmotion, thanks to a partnership with Twinmotion developer Abvent.

Twinmotion 2019 is based on Unreal Engine but is tuned for architects. It offers ‘instant rendering’ of architectural and urban models in real time and in virtual reality. The software offers direct synchronization with ArchiCAD and Revit and supports a range of other 3D tools via neutral formats.

Thanks to the Abvent / BIMobject partnership, users of Twinmotion now have access to free, instant and unlimited download of more than 350,000 smart BIM objects from the nearly 1,300 manufacturers hosted on the BIMobject platform. Users simply drag and drop objects into the scene then customise them with materials. The objects not only look great in Twimnotion but all of the BIM information is retained.

Meanwhile, read our interview with Twinmotion’s Martin Krasemann on the real time rendering tool’s BIM integrations, viz deliverables, multi OS support, VR use cases and more

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