Bond Bryan Digital renames as Createmaster Information Management

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Building information management specialist joins forces with Createmaster to ‘strengthen structured information delivery’ across the asset life cycle

BuildData Group is bringing together two of its brands – Bond Bryan Digital and Createmaster Information Management  – to improve the way building information is specified, delivered and managed across the whole life of an asset.

Bond Bryan Digital, the information management and modelling company that was spun out Bond Bryan Architects in 2016, will now be renamed as Createmaster Information Management, a specialist in digital handover.

According to Createmaster Information Management, from building design, construction and handover to operations and maintenance, the complementary fit in terms of solutions will support an industry navigating mandatory building information reform.

Today both brands work with clients and contractors from across the UK to define and deliver building information and documentation across the RIBA stages of the building lifecycle, supporting customers with information management and compliance.

Bond Bryan Digital rationalises digital building information requirements for its customers and provides information delivery based on industry best practice and international standards, including the UK BIM Framework and ISO 19650.

Createmaster provides digital handover solutions, collating, validating, and delivering asset information and building manuals for customers to support Building Safety Act Gateway 3 compliance and ensure a smooth handover at project completion.

Createmaster Information Management states that core solutions delivered to customers won’t change, but the Createmaster brand will be enhanced by adding information management and BIM solutions from Bond Bryan Digital.


Moreover, the company considers the move to be part of a longer-term goal to provide better connected and structured data to customers, with a consistent digital language as the industry moves towards a golden thread of information.

“With both brands being credible market leaders, bringing Bond Bryan Digital into the Createmaster fold makes sense at a time when building information management is in the spotlight,” says Gustave Geisendorf, CEO at BuildData Group. “New and updated standards and regulations, such as The Building Safety Act, put an emphasis on digitised building information, which is not only accessible, but accurate, discoverable and understandable. Therefore, having connected data is critical.”

“Not only can we enhance the work we do for our customers but also respond to the changing regulatory landscape and built environment requirements faster. By creating simpler paths to navigate data and the digital ecosystem, we can develop a clear purpose-driven data approach that seamlessly integrates information and delivers more stakeholder trust. This will meet market requirements for a true golden thread of information, supporting compliance that leads to better building outcomes.”


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